The National Dental Plan (NDP) gives patients the capacity to seek quality dental care through interest-free loans for dental treatment. Patients will no longer have to worry about hefty upfront dental fees with the help of the NDP.
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Dental Visits Can Be More Accessible With Interest-free Dental Loans Through National Dental Plan

Currently one of Australia’s no-interest dental payment plans, NDP was founded through a partnership between Humm and Centaur Software. It gives patients access to dental care through interest-free loans. Timberlands Dental Clinic offers the convenience of NDP to help provide patients with quality care and beautiful smiles by making dental health accessible to the public.
The NDP provides financial aid for standard dental procedures like routine fillings, scales and cleans, and extractions. Here at Timberlands Dental Clinic, you can be eligible for loans up to \$2,000 for these procedures with National Dental Plan. For big ticket items, the maximum loanable amount is $12,000. More costly treatments like smile straightening or veneers can finally be options for patients with limited budgets.

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Steps Of The NDP Application Process



Application forms are available on the HUMM website, HUMM app, or at reception. You will be required to input the necessary personal information along with an eligible bank account or credit card.



Confirmation of your application should be received a few minutes after completing your application. You should receive the confirmation via email.



Once registered for the NDP, you should be able to request for the appropriate dental loan. The approved amount will depend on the dental procedure to be performed with a maximum loanable amount of $12,000.



You will receive an easy-to-follow payment plan once your loan has been approved. When starting your payment plan, you must pay the standard deposit of 20%. However, this can be lowered or waived if you are a HUMM VIP customer.


You Can Apply For a National Dental Plan In Under 5 Minutes

The NDP application process is simple and can be accomplished in a few minutes. Interested patients will need to meet certain criteria to qualify for NDP assistance. Only Australian citizens or permanent residents who are at least 18 years old and possess a driver’s licence are eligible. You must be employed or self-employed with a minimum 30-hour work week. Aged and veteran pensioners can also qualify. Lastly, you will need a valid bank account or credit card for direct repayment.
Patients meeting all the aforementioned criteria may apply through the HUMM mobile app or with the assistance of our friendly reception staff. First-time users will be required to pay an establishment fee of $70 to set up their accounts. This may also be paid over the term duration. Any repeat purchase fee will only amount to $22. Additionally, there is an $8 monthly for the duration of the plan.
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