Hbf Member Choice Preferred Provider in Wanneroo

Timberlands Dental is happy to offer quality dental services to HBF members. Depending on your coverage, you can receive a range of services at a discounted rate when you choose a Member Plus dental provider. So why wait? Schedule an appointment today!
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Special member discounts and savings with HBF Member Plus

With over 80 years of experience, HBF knows how to support its members’ health and well-being. HBF holds agreements with thousands of specialists in Western Australia to provide exclusive benefits to its members. Patients can mix and match hospital and extras products to make a cover tailored to their needs.
Five different extras plans are available. Depending on the cover plan, you will find that annual limits may apply to certain treatments. The major services covered by extras cover include preventive and restorative dental treatments. Major dental procedures, implants and orthodontics are also generally covered based on the cover plan.


Benefits of Choosing a Preferred Provider for HBF



As a not-for-profit organization, HBF puts the needs of its members first above all else. We aim to improve convenience for our members in accessing their accounts and details.



Preventive and restorative dental services like examinations, scale and cleans, fillings, and extractions are covered under the extras plans. For select covers, there is no annual limit on preventative dental treatments.



Claims can be processed in several ways. The most convenient is by swiping your HBF member card when paying for your appointment. You will only be required to pay the gap, as HBF will be paying the provider directly.



With the latest available in dental technology, our preferred providers are able to handle patients more efficiently. Dental conditions can be detected and addressed sooner and more quickly.

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Sign Up Today Through The HBF Website

After selecting the extras product that suits your needs, you may sign up online. The registration process is quick and simple, only taking a few minutes. Once registration is confirmed, you will have to serve a set waiting period before receiving your benefits. Your previously served waiting period may apply for those switching from a different policy or fund. It is recommended that you contact HBF before starting treatment.
It is now easier to check your dental benefits and annual limits by logging into myHBF. However, to complete a benefit quote, you will need to know the dental item number and fee. Your dentist will be able to provide both during your appointment.
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