CHILD DENTAL BENEFITS SCHEDULE for you child's dental care

Basic dental care is vital to the health and well-being of our children. With the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, every child has access to the dental care they need and the opportunity to learn about proper oral hygiene.
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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Improve your children's oral care with CDBS

Started to improve population-wide oral health, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a government-funded program that aims to assist in obtaining basic dental care. Children between the ages of 0-17 and enrolled in Medicare are eligible for CDBS. The program has a benefit cap of $1,026 that is renewed every two consecutive years.
Families eligible for the Family Tax Benefit Part A are automatically enrolled in the CDBS. They enjoy no out-of-pocket costs for dental services that the CDBS covers. On the other hand, families with private insurance can use CDBS to top up their current coverage.

Dental Treatments

Dental Treatments Covered By CDBS



Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are important to maintain your oral health. It allows dental practitioners to identify oral concerns and conditions early. Fissure sealings are also covered as part of some extras plan options.



Root canals, dental fillings, and extractions are meant to restore or replace severely damaged teeth. Root canals and fillings are meant to preserve the structure of a damaged tooth by removal of the affected area and filling in the void with a tooth-coloured material.



If it is deemed necessary, a child or teen may have partial dentures made to fill in for missing teeth. An unsightly smile might have a detrimental effect on one's appearance and self-esteem. To spare a patient from this, the dentist may recommend a tooth replacement option.



To determine the health and condition of one's teeth, your dentist may order x-rays done around the mouth. This will help them determine the placement and alignment of a child's teeth. An x-ray also give dentists insight on the condition of their patient's jawbone and its growth.


Check Your Coverage And Benefit Cap Today

There is no need for parents to apply or register for CDBS cover. The parents of all eligible children will receive a letter informing them of their child’s eligibility status. When booking your child’s appointment, inform the dental clinic that you intend to use CDBS. You may want to check how close you are to the balance cap limit before seeing the dentist. To determine your possible CDBS coverage, you can check your Medicare online account or call the Medicare program.
During your appointment, you can ask your dentist about the cost of the necessary dental treatment and whether CDBS will cover the services. You will need to sign a consent form regarding the cost and type of services to be performed on your child. With regard to payment, some dentists may require payment on the day of service, while other dentists may bulk bill you, which does not require any upfront payment.
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